Monday, 2 January 2012

Queen Anne Dining

I have my first piece of 2012 to reveal. This Queen Anne dining table & chairs was purchased for $50 a while ago, and it has been sitting in the garage for months now. This piece is the highest price I have ever paid for a piece of furniture; I think that's why I was so resistant to start it. Yesterday was the day I decided this baby was coming out of the garage. 

Don't get me wrong the piece was originally in beautiful shape, besides from the ugly red velvet upholstery. I was sure I took a before picture, but I can’t seem to find it. Which sucks, that’s my favourite part (looking at the before & afters). I guess I will just give you all the after shots...

I left the table top in its original state

I painted the lower half in Dulux Antique White

The chairs were also painted, and reupholstered with a neutral hessian fabric

Look at the beautiful detail on the chairs

I am still undecided, whether I should leave the table top stained or paint it white? I feel as though something is missing… Or I might just be overthinking it. Other than that I love this piece, its up for sale now !!

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  1. hi Jess, its really lovely, good job!
    I personally think a white top would look lovely too, but that could be just my preference! maybe with a beautiful french scipt transfer like you did on a table?? just a thought! either way it still looks great!!

  2. Hey emma, thank you...

    Its funny because i was thinking the exact same thing. I guess i am a little scared that other people wont like the typography on a dining set, as much as we would (as i sell my pieces). I suppose you cant please everyone though.

    Jess =)

  3. so pretty! i love those details and those curvy legs!

  4. Thanks Cassie, i know the legs are amazing !!

  5. It's hard to remember the before photos every time isn't it!!
    Love the white, it's so fresh and crisp. You can't go wrong with white!!

  6. I always get a little over excited, and just get stuck right into it, then suddenly remember "damn" the before photo lol ! But thank you Courtney, i always fall back on white, i love it.


  7. A beautiful set, those legs are gorgeous!!


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