Monday, 19 December 2011

French lounge

So after a little hard work, tears, sweat, laughter, anger, and joy i am glad to say i have completed my first ever lounge re upholstery YAY ! I must say though it wasn't as hard as i first thought it would be, which is always a good thing. I did have a few minor issues, and one HUGE unnecessary issue which i will get to in a minute...

Lets start back at where i began...

This is the antique french lounge i scored for $3 off eBay.  It had not so pretty fabric, and an outdated wood stain, BUT the bones of the piece was 100% perfect

 As soon as i got it home me and mum couldn't help ourselves we got stuck right into it, and started the dreaded removing the old fabric step. I took note, and a few pictures of how the lounge was upholstered, so it would make it easier for me when it came to that step.The amount of staples i removed from this piece was countless. A couple of blisters on the hands later It was all worth it when i saw how good the condition of this couch really was in. 

I didn't even get a chance to take a photo, before this little boy DESTROYED my lounge. I left the lounge in the lounge room for the night, because i was going to get up and start working on it straight away, but instead i was woken up to my mum screaming OMG JESS "you wouldn't believe what toby has done". Let me give you a visual...

Let me remind you this WAS my perfect lounge. Now i was faced with a lounge that i wouldn't of even touched in the first place. But i was determined i was going to fix this, i had already fallen in love with this piece.

How could this little cute guy do so much damage ??

So back to spotlight i went to fix my unnecessary problem, i wasn't really sure how i was going to deal with it, but i finally decided i was going to cut all the pieces of foam that had been chewed out into little pieces, fill it back into the HUGE holes, and cover the whole thing with thick wadding. Here is a peak at how i fixed the situation

Before i did this i painted the whole piece with a can on dulux flat white spraypaint. I didn't want to get the spraygun out for this job, it only took 1 can of paint and three coats for this piece. I finished her off with a clear wax.

Now the hard work begins... recovering. Fortunately i wasn't scared by this piece, i knew exactly what i wanted to do, and the look i was going for. You can check this post, where i mentioned my inspiration.

I covered her in this order
  1. The seat
  2. The sides
  3. The back rest
  4. The piping
  5. The back
  6. And lastly, the underneath
Next time i will do a step by step tutorial, but as this was my first piece and i was still learning as i was going, i forgot to take pictures along the way.

So here she is, finished ! and i have to admit im keeping her, i just cant part with my first re upholstery piece.

Do you love her as much as i do?
After this piece im so excited for my next uphostery mission. "did i really just say that"
haha wish me luck.


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  1. Very nice. Your bravery paid off. Poor Toby- he was just trying to help motivate you :-)

  2. It was scarey at the beginning, i honestly didn't know what i got myself into. But i agree the bravery did pay off... Thank you for you comment, appreciate it =)


  3. wow, that is so glamorous- those awesome curves! it looks just stunning!


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