Friday, 30 December 2011

Thift store prices $$

Even though i have a garage full of furniture i need to get through (literally over 10 pieces), i still couldn't help myself but to check out my local salvation army store today. I haven't been in there for months, and i normally don't purchase anything because the prices are usually a little pricey !! But today i was shocked, the prices were unbelievable !! It actually made me a little angry, the pieces are donated to the salvation army and are supposed to be priced for less fortunate people in need. But really $500 for a dining table & chairs !! i understand the profit they make from the stores all go to a good cause, which i love... but i just hate the fact these second hand donated pieces have to be sold so overpriced !! Here are some snaps i took while i was browsing today

 Crazy prices !!! i don't think you will see me buying from here anytime soon....


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  1. Hi Jess, really enjoying reading your blog. I totally agree which these places overcharging, I am in the UK and its happening here too, they are meant to be Charity shops, which I would support but I found out recently that some have paid staff not volunteers, so the money is going to them too.
    i much prefer checking out jumble sales, car boot sales and little second hand shops.
    looking forward to seeing your next projects!


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