Friday, 30 December 2011

New Years Resolutions

I thought i would share my New Years Resolutions this year, i think it will be cool to look back at the list at the end of 2012. So here goes...

  1. Do a weekly grocery shop (instead of running around mad every afternoon trying to think of something to cook for dinner)
  2. Create a daily cleaning diary (instead of doing a HUGE clean on friday afternoons, i will aim to do a little something everyday)
  3. Post on my blog at least once a week (that also means finish a one piece a week)
  4. Promote my business to my local area
  5. Take an hour a week for ME time
  6. Take more classes at the gym 
And i think i will leave it at that...

I also wanted to share my favorite piece i have completed so far, it definitely has to be
 My french lounge, I love it so much that i have to keep it...

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year !! See you next year with bigger & better transformations...



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  2. Your french lounge is BEAUTIFUL! Good luck with those resolutions! Lovely blog, I'm now a new follower! Happy New Year.


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